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“Minimizing transmission is the only sure way to prevent all types of viral and bacterial respiratory infections” – Dr Marvin Heuer MD (physician and respiratory disease researcher)

Safe CoughTM is the only cough suppressor that is safe and portable. This revolutionary technology will reduce transmission of viruses and bacteria such as the common cold, influenza, and listeria among others. This has huge implications in the area of public safety since it readily helps prevent the transmission of disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

If widely adopted it could help dramatically reduce the severity and prevalence of respiratory disease in cold and flu season.

Your cough travels into the Safe Cough unit. Moisture then activates the carbon filter and cleans the air as it travels out the other side.

Activated carbon particles are very porous, making them great for filtering our germs.

The Safe Cough casing & filter are made from medical-grade plastic.

Inside an activated carbon particle, catching germs.